General Directions

General Directions:
First, you will now get into your assigned groups. The group that you are in determines which topic you will be researching. Groups will be named and assigned in class time. Plan on sitting and researching with your group for the rest of the week!  Once your group has selected a topic, choose the appropriate directions/links below.

1.   Visit my WebQuest Resources Website 
2.  Research your topic using the online sources provided.
*You are free to explore your topic outside of these sources; use them as starting points.
3.    Record your findings on your note sheets (found under the “Resources” section). 
*Don’t forget to record all the source information on the “work cited” section.
4.    Remember the note-taking techniques we discussed in class. 
5.    Once you are confident you found enough information, your group may begin work on the PowerPoint presentation. 

•    Each team member should conduct some part of the research. 
(See Research Guide for your group.)
•    Divide responsibility among your team members for:
o    making sure that all questions are answered to the best of the team’s ability
o    deciding which team members will create what parts of the PowerPoint will
o    deciding who will say what during presentation

•    Each member must complete Student Self-Assessment
•    Group work will be scored according to the Group Work Assessment Rubric
•    View overall grading rubric posted on “Evaluation” tab of WebQuest