Middle School Mathematics

Welcome to our mathematics page!  As many of you know, I absolutely love this field and enjoying thinking of new and creative ways to enhance student's learning and knowledge of mathematics.  Mathematics is found everywhere and it is critical that students maintain their basic skills while building upon these concepts.  Therefore, I feel it is important that students practice their basic skills daily.  I have created three programs that do this in a way that makes learning fun.  I try to incorporate everyday events into the mathematics field, so that students understand the importance of math.

Math Challenge:  This program was formally known as the M&M Challenge, however, this year I have altered the program so not only are the students working individually to improve their scores, but also as a class.  Students will complete daily minutes that focus on basic mathematical skills and those they are learning throughout the year.  Students will track their progress individually, while I track their progress as a class.  The students need to get 8 out of the 10 questions correct in order to continue to the next level.  If they do not meet these expectations, they must ask questions to learn from their mistakes, and continue this level until they are able to master the concepts.  After every five levels, the students are rewarded and after every ten levels, the class will be rewarded with a fun math day.  With the use of this program, students are motivated to improve their individual goal while improve that of their class.

Super Bowl:  This program has been extremely successful.  The students in 7th and 8th grade focus on improving their skills in solving linear equations.  Each grade will get a football team, and the team to get the most equations correct, will move on to the next round.  As the games get closer to the Super Bowl, the equations get harder through two-step problems, distribution, and the use of fractions/decimals.  The Super Bowl winner will be crowned the Super Bowl champion, and receive a movie and Super Bowl party.  This program motivates the students to recall how to solve linear equations and focuses on skills such as solving with integers, decimals and fractions, while being motivated to win the Super Bowl competition.

March Madness:  March Madness is a program that revolves around the basketball tournament held in the end of March.  Its primary focus is on the use of probability and statistics in addition to the use of converting fractions to decimals to percentages.  Students research each team’s current record in addition to their last year’s statistics.  They will use these to predict the overall outcome of the basketball tournament.  We watch as the teams are eliminated and discuss our probability and statistics of our team’s outcomes.  We then convert these statistics into fractions, decimals, and percentages.  By the end of this program, students are able to get a better understand the importance of probability and statistics in relation to sports teams and are able to convert from fractions to decimals and percentages comfortably.

Throughout the year, the students will be working with hands-on projects to be able to better visualize mathematics.  Students will also be connecting these skills and concepts to real world events.  With the use of technology, students are able to interact with the SmartBoard to use programs like GeoGebra in which they construct shapes and graph linear equations.  In addition, they will use an online interactive clock to calculate elapsed time. 

I am extremely excited for this year’s math classes with the use of our new textbook series and new mathematical programs.  If there are ever any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me through e-mail or phone call.

-Ms. Lawler