Super Bowl

Math Super Bowl

It is the time of year again when the students get ready for our annual Math Super Bowl tournament.  Students in seventh and eighth grade compete against each other to see who the top dog class is in math.  Our math competition focuses on basic algebra skills.  The students will be given one, two, and multiple step algebraic equations in which they will solve.  By solving these problems, the students will be reviewing integer rules, and steps needed to take in order to solve algebraic equations.  These skills are critical in all basic and advanced algebra classes. 

Each class will be given ten algebraic equations to solve.  For each problem solved correctly, a point is earned.  Everyday two different teams play (the schedule is below).  The class with the most points wins the game for the day.  As the games move along to the quarter and semi-finals, the problems become increasingly more difficult.  Our Super Bowl ends just as the National Super Bowl game is played.  The winning class earns a Super Bowl Party accompanied by a football related movie.  Good luck to both classes!

7th:  17 – 15 – 0
8th:  15 – 17 
– 0

Congratulations to the 7th grade class.  
Their Seattle Seahawks won over the Greenbay Packers to a final score of 125-120.