Classroom Rules for English III & IV

 Welcome Back-
I hope you enjoyed your summer. Now that we have settled down a bit, here is a list of things to remember about this class:


Classroom Rules:


*All of the rules in the handbook apply to this class.

1.   No hair grooming or make-up application in class.

2 .   No talking during classroom instruction. If you are absent (excused or unexcused), you must check the calendar for assignments.

3.   You may not lay your head on the desk to rest, take notes, or watch a video.

4.   The only notes written should be English notes. Others will be taken up.

5.   No eating or drinking what-so-ever in class.

6.   When you come to class, check the board for your do nowand get started.

7.   Go to the bathroom between classes and during break. You have time.

8.   You are expected to behave with respect to the teacher, substitute- teacher, classmates, and classroom visitors.

PLEASE NOTE: An excused absence does not mean you are excused from assignments. You will need to come see me about missed work. Come see before class or after class not during class. 


    Daily work/Homework will be checked whenever assigned. It will be marked according to the following system:

100 (+) All work completed

70 ( ) Most work completed

50 ( ) Half completed

30 ( - ) Assignment started

0 ( 0 ) No assignment

  • Since daily work and homework are assigned as practice, it will be checked for effort instead of accuracy. Homework is due upon entering the classroom in the assigned file tray. Turn assignments in by placing them in the appropriate trays.
  • English tests must be written in blue or black ink only, unless the tests are on scantrons. Then, you must use a pencil.
  • All tests must be taken honestly. Cheating is punishable with a 0 for both the giver and the receiver
  • Essays and research papers must be free of plagiarism.  Plagiarism can be punishable with a 0 on the paper and an appropriate action from a principal.
  • Extra Credit is allowed only if all assigned work is complete for the nine weeks’ period.
  • Be expected to have a random notebook check throughout the 9 weeks.
  • The Make Up Work Calendar will be posted in the classroom and on the school website.

Please get all supplies by Monday 9/15/11(notebook check) – or sooner if possible : Thanks!

1 - (3) ring binder

White looseleaf paper (regular or college ruled)

Blue or black pens

#2 pencils

large pack of lined index cards

notebook dividers and tabs(5):






White Out

Highlighter (yellow or other “see through” color)

Post it notes (for marking literary passages): any color/assortment