Classroom Procedures

  Classroom Procedures

LAJH has a new Tardy Policy:

  1. first tardy = note home
  2. secod tardy = note home
  3. third tardy = note home and lunch detention
  4. fourth tardy = note home and 1 day ISS
  5. fifth tardy = note home and 2 days ISS
  6. sixth tardy - note home and 1 day OSS 

A student is considered tardy if he/she is not IN the classroom when the bell rings.

Restroom Passes

 I will sign a students planner once a week to use the restroom (per class period). 

Students need to plan accordingly.  Remember to use the restroom at lunch and between classes.


 Students are expected to start Bellwork immeadiately.  When the bell rings, I will start the timer for 5 minutes (more time will be given for longer assignments). 

 Late Assignments Late assignments will be accepted.  However 10 points will be deducted each day it is late, up to 3 days. 
 Homework Homework is rarely assigned.  If a student doesn't finish an assignment in class, THEN it is homework.