Mrs. Lomeli: Sophomore English Class

 Course: World Literature – English 2

Instructor Information: Mrs. Lomeli (408)313-3441

Course Description:

This course is designed to further improve student’s communication skills, while meeting state standards.  Exercises and assignments will emphasize improvement in reading comprehension and writing skills as well as speaking, listening, critical thinking and presentation skills.  Reading material will include selected novels, short stories, poems, essays and other text.  Individualized writing instruction, reading practice and vocabulary-building activities will be included on an as needed basis.  Students will be expected to complete various thematic projects. 


Course Policies:


A points system will be used where the sum of the points earned by the student is divided by the total possible points available per grading period (every six weeks). The semester grade is the average of the three grading periods that make up the semester. Students performing at 69% or below in either semester risk repeating the course.


Your grade will be based on the following:


·         Journals & Portfolios – 25% Each day you will be given a topic to write on and each day you will be expected to write in your journal.


·         Projects – 10% Projects include your portfolio, in class group work, computer work, or anything else involving some kind of presentation or work outside of class over a period of time. 


·         Essays – 25% You will be given 6 formal essays to complete throughout the year.  In addition to the 6 formal essays, you will have several informal essays to complete as the year unfolds. 


·         Quizzes – 10% You will get quizzed pretty regularly in class.  These are merely checkpoints to see if you are picking up what I am teaching you.  Some quizzes you will know about, others you will not. 


·         Tests – 20% At the end of a unit, novel and semester, you will have a rather large test to take.  This includes your end of semester and end of year finals.


·         Participation/Homework – 10% Work done in class and out of class is participation and homework.  Expect a great deal of homework from me!  

Grading Scale

A    94% - 100%

A-    90% - 93%

B    84% - 89%

B-    80% - 83%

C    74% - 79%

C-    70% - 73%


Homework is due on the specified date to receive full credit. Students are always given time in class to begin homework so that they may ask any questions about the assignment. Expect to receive a score of zero for late homework.

Quizzes and exams will cover class notes and homework. A weekly quiz is expected. Expect one major exam per grading period (includes two midterms and two semester final exams).


Class Participation

Class participation is expected from all students. Being actively involved in managing the learning process inside and outside of the classroom will help students prepare for the pace of more rigorous college courses. All students will be graded for class participation which includes student input during project presentations and preparation of the class-notebook.


Class Materials:

1.      3-ring 1” Binder in Black or White  with a flap in the front for organizing all class handouts and class-work

2.      College-lined Binder Paper for class-work and homework assignments

3.       Black and blue ink pens

4.       Highlighters

5.       Pencils

6.       5 Tab divider


All of the above listed materials must be turned in for review by Monday, September 7th, 2009.

50 points will be awarded and will count as your first assignment.




Falling a day behind puts you at a disadvantage. English concepts continue to build on previously learned skills. Absences and tardiness affect students’ ability to actively participate in classroom activities.


Late Work :

Nonetheless Life happens and so therefore I understand that there are certain circumstances that are completely out of your control; family emergencies, personal/family illness, doctor’s appointment.


Therefore, late work will be accepted WITHIN TWO DAYS of your Verified and EXCUSED absence. A Doctors note or a parent note MUST be attached with your work along with a valid signature and parent phone number. No exceptions! ( :


Missed Exams or Assignments:

Students are responsible for getting make-up homework or setting up a make-up date for exams after an absence.


Academic Dishonesty:

Academic dishonesty includes actions such as cheating, plagiarism, forgery, alteration, or misuse of class documents or books.

Students who do not submit their own work or are found copying assignments will receive zero credit. Students who are found cheating on exams will be notified of an automatic score of zero at the end of the exam.



Good behavior is important for a good learning environment.  All students are expected to follow the school rules and guidelines at all times.


Lab Safety/Health:

First Aid Kit- located bottom left drawer of teacher desk

Fire Extinguisher- located on filing cabinet behind teacher desk


Available Support Services:

Students are encouraged to meet with the teacher for any assignment concerns. If  you are ever concerned about your grade and would like to discuss it with a print-out, please let me know


Classroom Rules:

  1. Bring a good attitude and a smile
  2. Maintain integrity in speech and action
  3. Bring materials to class every day that are needed for English class
  4. Students are to remain in the room, students will only be allowed to leave the room with a pass
  5. Speak in English as much as possible
  6. You may use the restroom after the first 20 minutes or the last 20 minutes of class time (depending on teacher’s instruction), you have three passes that will be distributed throughout per semester. You are responsible for these passes. Once handed out they will not be replaced. Each pass is worth 25 pts.  If you do not use them they will be applied towards your grade for up to a total of 75 pts. Extra credit.
  7. Disciplinary problems will be discussed, if needed, after class, before or after school, or by appointment.  Not during class time!
  8. Be ready to learn and have fun!!!! English is a fun subject and we can have a blast while learning to comprehend reading, expanding our writing skills, and perfecting our speaking and listening skills in English.