Classroom Expectations

  Classroom Rules 

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Stop Light

In the front of my classroom is a stop light pocket chart.  The pockets contain craft sticks with each student's name written on them.  Everyone begins each day on green.  If a classroom rule is broken, the student is simply warned.  If the misbehavior continues the student's stick will be moved to yellowYellow stands for slow down and think.  The student will sit in time out for a short while after discussing what happened with the teacher.  The color red is reserved for more severe or continuous misbehaviors.  If a student's stick is moved to red, a phone call or note will be sent home.  Good to Go sheets that show what color the student is on will be sent home daily to be signed and returned by parents.


Along with the stop light, I use a reward system.  At the end of the day, every student that earned green is allowed go to the smartboard and move a car into its parking place.  When five cars are moved, the student is rewarded with a visit to the prize basket.