Upcoming Events and Important Info

Field Trips:

We will be going on two field trips during the school year. These trips will be fun oppertunities to learn outside the classroom. Signed parent permission slips are requried before each child is allowed to go on the field trip.

Museum of Science and Industry- November 2nd - This will be a fun trip to the city to explore the museum of science and industry. Sack lunches, or money for lunch will be required as we will be eating at the museum. 

Johnasan's Farm- May 23rd- This will be an exciting trip to see how life is like on a farm. Students will have the oppertunity to see the animals, and learn about the work that needs to be done on a farm. This will be an exciting ending to our unit on urban and rural living. Sack lunches are required we will (weather permitting) be having a picnic on the farm.


Parent teacher conferences are an important time for discussing the progress of your child. It is also an important time to bring up any questions, comments, or concerns. I am more than willing to schedule a meeting with a parent at any time throughout the year, but the scheduled parent teacher conferences are:

    Monday September 19th

    Monday December 2nd

    Monday March 5th

     Monday May 23rd

 School Holidays:

School holidays can be found on the schools main webpage on the calendar section.