Class Rules

The class rules and concequences will be posted in the classroom at all times. We will also discuss the rules as a class. Students will sign a "I will follow the rules contract". This contract will be sent home, along with a copy of the rules for parents to sign as well.


1.) Be Respectful- This means listening to others when they are speaking, raising your hand before you talk, and not talking while others are talking. Respect also means being understanding of other peoples opinions and views. 

2.) Talk It Out- This means that if you have a problem or issue you need to calmly talk it over, rather than screaming, shouting, or saying mean things. 

3.) Follow Directions- This means following directions after the first time they are stated.

4.) Keep Your Hands to Yourself- This means not touching other people or their belongings.

5.) Be Cooperative- This means working well with other people, listening to what they have to say, compromising, and doing your share of the work. 


1.) The first time a rule is broken the student will fill out a behavior change sheet. They will fill out what they did wrong, and what behavior they could use instead for next time. Once they fill out that sheet they will discuss what they wrote with me. They will then sign the bottom saying they will change their behavior, and follow the rules. Parents will recieve a copy to sign and send back. 

2.)The second time a rule is broken the student will write a letter to their parents explaining their behavior, and what they are going to do to change. They will discuss their behavior, and paper with me during their recess time. They will bring the letter home to their parents to sign and bring back, and I will call parents to notify them of what happened. 

3.) The Third time a rule is broken studens will recieve a 15 minute after school detention. During this time we will create a full behavior change plan that will be signed by the parent and implimented the next day.

Everyday is a great day for good behavior!