Birthdays and Class List

These are all of the students in the best class ever!!

For birthdays students can bring in non-edible treats for their friends. I would love to allow cookies and cakes, but because of allergies and diet restrictions we will have to stick to stickers or other non-edible treats. 

Tommy Apael- July 2nd

Allison Botch- September 23rd

Cole Bostrum- August 4th

Lillian Baker- January 11th

Russell Cooper- February 28th

Nathan Feil- October 6th

Susan Foose- March 7th

Ali Jo Fillos- August 30th

Oscar Grandos- March 3rd

Sam Hopstrum- May 28th

Kevin Jacobson- February 21st

Shayna Kooberson- August 1st

Taylor Loft- December 13th

Alexis Monson- July 5th