Behavior Plans

Behavior plans will be used if a student is consistantly having difficulties following a rule. This will be a plan that the student and I create together. Parents will be notified of these plans and recieve a copy to sign. Parents are more than welcome to participate in the plans creation.

The behavior plan will include:

What behavior needs to be changed

A good replacement behavior 

How long the plan will be implemented

The reward for finishing the plan- This can include extra free reading time, a homework pass, or whatever other award the student and I agree on. 

The student will sign the plan, I will sign the plan, and the plan will be sent home to be signed by the parents. 

It is important that students take responsibility for their behavior. The behavior change plan will help students take control of their behavior and be responsible for making good behavior choices. Since the student helped to come up with the plan they are responsible for following it.