General Science

General Science

Meeting Times: Mondays & Wednesdays 5:25 - 7:25

Important Info 

Quarter Ends Wednesday March 26th

Spring Break: April 7 - 11th

Throughout this quarter we have studied Global Warming, Pollution and Water Resources.  Living in Michigan water is a seemingly endless resource, but we are learning just how fragile the Great Lakes are.  Currently, students are researching various issues the Great Lakes are facing and will be creating a website on their topic. 

Requirements for Website

  1. Complete outline with 5 organized paragraphs (clear beginning, supporting details and ending) 100 points
  2. Photos to support your position with photo credits 50 points
  3. Complete bibliography with a minimum of 3 sources 30 points
  4. Overall neatness/effort 20 points
  5. Well organized and appealing layout 50 points

For a grand total of: 250 points! 

Some Websites that may be helpful for your projects... Great Lakes Network   Environmental Environmental Protection Agency  Formation of the Great Lakes (Movie)  Invasive Species  Shipwrecks in the Great Lakes