Latin Project 2 - 6th grade, 2nd Nine weeks - Aesop's Fables

Project 2 – Aesop’s Fables 

Many of our students have heard about or read Aesop’s Fables.  While Aesop is generally considered a Greek, his fables/stories were known, read, or told by many in the Roman community.


For this project the student will select one of Aesop’s Fables, memorize and recite it for the class.  The fables are in print form (at the local bookstore or library) and available on-line.


The fables will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.  No two students in a class may recite the same fable.


Fable selection is due ______________.  Selections done prior to this date, or changed at a later date will result in a 0 for this grade.


Fable selection – due ________________ – participation grade

Fable presentation – due _____________– project grade



 25 points20 points10 points0 points


Fable is recited from memory with no errors or pauses

Fable is recited from memory with pauses to reflect on next statement

Fable is recited from memory with multiple pauses or errors resulting in repeating or starting over

Fable is not memorized


Recitation is clear and easily heard by all

Recitation is clear but not audible to entire class

Recitation is muffled and difficult to hear

Recitation is not understood due to mumbling or lack of volume


Interaction is appropriate to engage the listener

Interaction includes nervous laughter

Interaction with students is inappropriate for the presentation

Student neglects the listener while presenting

Dramatic Flair

Presentation includes dramatic flair both verbal and physical

Presentation is done with overemphasizing verbal or dramatic flair

Presentation includes either verbal or physical dramatic flair

Presentation is clear but with little verbal or physical dramatic flair


*Outstanding presentations may be selected to perform on Grandparents’ day.