Kimberly McAteer's Classroom Website

Welcome to Mrs. McAteer's class web page. We are an autistic 7th and 8th grade class. All subject areas are taught here.


Learning objectivesenlightened

  • Our main objective is for everyone to grow.
  • We expect 85% or better
  • We expect all students to do their work in a timely manner
  • You will learn to comprehend stories that you read
  • You will learn proper grammar and sentence structure
  • You will learn about cells, microscopes, lab practices
  • You will learn math using manipulatives
  • You will learn about different cultures and North Carolina
  • You will have a project to do in Science
  • We Expect Success and Nothing Less!!

Class Schedulescheeky

  • You will receive your schedules when they are ready
  • Your schedule may change
  • All 7th grade students will go to the same classes
  • All 8th grade students will go to the same classes


  • Pencils and Paper
  • One subject notebooks
  • Lock for locker
  • PE clothes

School Timesyes

School Times
class starts 7:30am
school ends 2:30pm
school is open for students 6:55am

 Contact information:

Kimberly McAteer: (910)309-5846