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I was born in Manhattan, New York and moved to Florida in 2005. I attended Osceola High School. After High School I moved to Malta where I attended a local community college. In Malta I specialized in the Inclusive Classroom. A few years later I moved back to Florida and went on to continue my Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education at St. Petersburg College.  I enjoy traveling and have been to the Carribean, Canada, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Sicily, Czech Republic, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Ireland, Amsterdam and Switzerland.  Last summer I spent one week in Las Vegas and took a road trip to California. It was so interesting to drive through the desert.

While living in Malta I studied special education. I worked as a Para Educator. I worked in K-6 classrooms with children that have ASD, ADD, ADHD, SEBD, Fragile X, and Down Syndrome. This is what inspired me to continue my education and become a school teacher.

I started teaching at Starkey Elementary in 2015.  I have been happy here ever since.  I have experience teaching Kindergarten and First grade.  At Starkey Elementary I am in charge of the NEHS.  I have always been interested in continuing education and I attend many workshops and classes during the year. As humans we are constantly learning!  I am proud to say that I have been given the privilege to teach your children at our amazing school!

I enjoy traveling, reading, walking, cooking, and reality T.V.  I am also a huge fan of Harry Potter. Just a piece of advice, "Don't let the Muggles get you down."


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