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Student websites

1. BrainpopJr: caters to a variety of age groups. This websites offers a ton of educational games as well as video for all subjects we will cover in our first grade classroom.






2. KidsReads: This website offers excellent kid-themed articles and e-books. It is never to early to read and practice makes perfect. If your child reads for at least 15 minutes daily, they improve their literacy skills.





Parent Resources

1. Reading Rockets: Over the years I have noticed a lot of the same questions from parents. Most pertain to how they can help their children become better readers. This website is amazing at offering many tips for your childrens' literacy development. There is an entire page dedicated to how to help stuggling readers.







2. Scholastic: On this website you will find quite a bit of information on our first grade curriculum. There is ample information provided on what to expect for each subject. This website offers additional educational activities that you can do with your child.


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