2009-2010 Course Syllabus

AVID English I Honors

English I Honors

English I

Ms. Kim Murphy

Room 6318-B

Contact Information

·         Phone:407-933-3910 ext. 60712

·         Email: murphki@osceola.k12.fl.us

·         Best times for contact: M, T, TH, F-10:00 a.m.-11:40 a.m.; W-9:30 a.m.-11:10 a.m.After school: 2:25 p.m.-2:45 p.m. 

Course Description:  English I students will closely examine different elements of literature.  Students will gain an in-depth understanding of different elements of literature such as main idea, author’s purpose, and descriptive language.  Students will be reading novels and short stories throughout the year, in addition to learning new vocabulary and practicing proper grammar skills.  Since writing skills are essential in everyday life situations, students will have several writing assignments to complete throughout the year.  AVID strategies will be implemented in every class in order to further the learning process and increase the understanding of necessary material. 

Goals:  My goals for my students are as follows:

1.      Improve writing skills on the FCAT essay and in creative writing

2.      Improve proofreading and editing skills

3.      Improve analytical skills

4.      Improve oral presentation skills

5.      Improve interpersonal skills 

Materials: Students are expected to come to class fully prepared every day.  To do this, students will need a binder with 5 section dividers, college-ruled loose-leaf paper, and a blue or black pen to write with. AVID students will only need one 3-inch binder for all classes.  Please provide 5 dividers, paper, and a blue or black pen for English. 

Assessment:  Student’s grades will be determined by a combination of tests, projects, daily classroom activities, homework, participation, and writing assignments.  All grades are assigned on a point system.  The number each assignment is worth will vary.  The state grading scale is as follows:                                    

 A: 90-100                    D: 60-69                                   

B: 80-89                       F: 59 and below                                   

C: 70-79

Assignment Policy: 

 ·         Homework: Homework serves as a review/practice of the day’s work and students are responsible for keeping it for study purposes.

·         Grammar Activities:  Grammar will be practiced on a daily basis and students will be expected to use correct grammar in any assignment they turn in.

·         Vocabulary: Students will be assigned vocabulary words throughout the year.  The majority of these words are taken from stories and texts studied in class.  Students will be given a variety of assignments that reinforce the spelling and meaning of the words and will be periodically tested on vocabulary.

·         Projects: Students will be assigned projects throughout the year.  They will be provided with an outline and rubric for each project and are expected to use creativity and class discussions to complete them on time.

·         Writing: Students are expected to complete several writing assignments throughout the school year.  Writing assignments will vary in length and style.

·         Reading:  Students will be reading literature in their text and various novels together as a class.

·         Late work:  It is to the student’s advantage to turn in all assignments and makeup work on time.  I will accept late work ONE DAY LATE FOR 1/2 CREDIT.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT IT AFTER ONE DAY LATE!

·         Extra Credit:  Extra credit will be given at the teacher’s discretion. 

Guidelines for Success:  In order to make student’s experiences in the classroom valuable and effective, the following are some guidelines for success:

1.      Be responsible.

2.      Always try.

3.      Do your best.

4.      Cooperate with others.

5.      Treat everyone with respect (including yourself).

Classroom Rules and Expectations: Even though the classroom is a place where students can air their opinions and critical thinking is encouraged, there are rules that must be followed in order for the teaching-learning process to be successful. In order to increase learning time in class I have established the following rules every student is expected to follow:

1.      Come to class every day that you are not seriously ill.

2.      Arrive on time with your binder, pen, paper, and any assignments that are due.

3.      Keep hands, feet, and objects you yourself.

4.      Follow directions the first time they are given.

5.      Stay on task during all work times.

Should an intervention be necessary, the following steps will be taken:

1.      Conference with the student.

2.      Parent contact via email or note home.

3.      Parent contract via telephone.

4.      Office referral will be written. 

Make-up work:  It is the responsibility of the student to get make-up work from the teacher on the day s/he returns to class.  It is to the student’s advantage to arrange to come before or after school or during lunch to make up any missed assignments.           

Excused Absences:  When students return from an excused absence or out of school suspension, they will be given one day for every day absent to make up assignments and tests.  Assignments given prior to the student’s absence and/or with a predetermined due date are due the day the student returns.            

 Unexcused Absences:  School Board Policy states, “Work may not be made up for credit due to unexcused absences.”  When students return from an unexcused absence they will be given work and are highly encouraged to complete missing assignments, however, they will not receive credit for them.  Assignments given prior to the student’s absence and/or with a predetermined due date are due the date assigned, NO EXCEPTIONS!  These assignments will not be accepted when the student returns from an unexcused absence.  If a student knows s/he is going to have an unexcused absence, it is best for her/him to have the assignment dropped off in the front office the day it is due to receive credit. 

Extra Help and Parent Contact:

  • Tutoring:  Tutoring will be available after school two to three days a week.  Students MUST make an appointment with the teacher as conferences, meetings and extracurricular activities also take place after school.
  • Conferences/Contact: When a parent conference is necessary, please contact the school guidance department at 407-933-3910.
  • Feel free to contact me via e-mail.  Please allow 24 hours for response on e-mails and voice mails.
 **The teacher reserves the right to make any changes to the syllabus throughout the year.  Students will be made aware of any changes made before they are put into place.**