Note to Parents

 Here are a few ways you can help your child this year:
*Celebrate your child’s success, no matter how small it may seem.  This will keep your child enthusiastic about learning and proud of their work.

*Look for and read your child’s newsletter and go through their take home folder each Monday.  The newsletter will have important information for the next week, along with exciting events from the previous week, and helpful reminders.  Their take home folder will have their work from the previous week, along with things you need to sign, and their behavior chart from the previous week.  Papers with a grade of 75 or below should be signed, and returned in the folder.
        I am looking forward to having your child in my class this year.  Our classroom is self-contained this year, so your child will be taught math, reading, science, social studies, language, and spelling in my room.  If you ever have any questions about our class, please feel free to email me at anytime.