Mrs. Neuman’s Procedures
I am happy to have each and every one of you in my classroom this year.  This list is to help you remember what is expected of you every day.  
How to Head a Paper
Name    Your #                            Date
Subject                                      Assignment

Classroom Library
1.    You are to only have one of Mrs. Neuman’s library books checked out at a time.  You have two weeks to read and return the book to its spot.  
2.    When you check out a book, you are to put the card from the back of the book in your library pocket at the library station (the one with your number on it).
3.    You are responsible for cleaning up the library- if you make a mess, clean it up!
4.    TAKE CARE OF OUR BOOKS!  If you find a book in poor condition (writing, torn pages) take it to the library person.  You are responsible if you damage a book.

Your Desk/Materials
1.    Your desk should be neat and tidy at all times.  If it is dirty, remember where the classroom cleaning items are.  We should take pride in our learning space.
2.    You should have all of your textbooks at school every day.  This includes your agenda.  You should also have a pencil and paper each day.
3.    Your morning work journal should be kept at school as well.  These will last all year if you only use it for morning work.

1.    Our classroom computers are for research, class work, or taking A.R. tests ONLY!  Games can only be played during indoor recess with Mrs. Neuman’s permission.
2.    Keep the computer area neat and tidy.  Close all windows and put your computer to sleep when finished.
3.    If you are unsure of something- go and see Mrs. Neuman.  
4.    Go only to approved websites when online.  

Group Behavior
During the year you will have many opportunities to work with your peers in small groups.  There are some things I expect from you, some of which include:
1.    Stay in your group.  Visiting other groups or walking around will earn you a behavior check!
2.    Use an appropriate voice in groups (3 inch voices!)
3.    WORK with your group members.  Do not play.  Be willing to compromise!  Do your best work!
Turning in an Assignment
1.    Look for the correct tray in the Homework Collector!  Everything has a proper spot .
2.    All homework is due when school starts each day.  Homework should be turned in when you first arrive at school.
3.    If you use a homework pass on an assignment, staple the pass to a sheet of paper that has your name and the assignment written on it.  Homework passes should only be used on assignments not started in class.

Morning Procedures:
1.    Greeting-take the time to smile and say good morning each day.  
2.    When you come in each morning, there will be an assignment for you to complete in your morning work journal.  It will either be on the TV, or on your desk.  This should be completed before specials.  If there is a morning work sheet on your desk, DO NOT WRITE ON IT!  Copy down your answers, and then place the sheet in the folder on the flat file.  This is for a grade, so do your best work.
3.    Make sure you have all your books for the morning, as well as your materials for class.   You will not get to go back to your locker until lunch time.
Going Home Procedures:
1.    We come into the room quietly after recess.  Get out your agenda and be ready to copy down your assignments.
2.    You are responsible for copying down your homework in your agenda each day.  You are also responsible for taking home all materials to complete your homework (book, paper, pencil etc)
3.    The end of the day is a silent time.  It is time for for SSR, completing classroom jobs, and study hall.
4.    Your area should be clean before leaving the classroom (this includes on top, and under your desk).  You should not leave materials on the floor at the end of the day.  
Other Important Things to Remember
1.    Do not get out of your seat for any reason while I am talking.  You may raise your hand if it is an emergency.  
2.    C3B4ME- See three people before you ask Mrs. Neuman a question.
3.    The second person in line holds the door.
4.    Communication folders are due by Wednesday every week.  They are to be turned in to their tray- remember to put it in number order. All papers with a grade of 75 and below should be signed by your parent(s) and returned.
5.    If you need a sharpened pencil, trade your pencil for one from the pencil box.  You should ALWAYS have a sharpened pencil at your desk.
6.    We do have snack time everyday, but you need to bring the snack from home.  Remember about what is appropriate.  
7.    Water bottles are also welcomed.  No larger than a soda can (around 8-10 oz), and they need to have a lid/cap.  You are to fill them up first thing in the morning before announcements and right after lunch only!
8.    If you finish an assignment early, double check your work.  If you still have time, read an A.R. book, or study for a test.
9.    You are responsible for completing your classroom job each day.  If someone is absent, I will assign their job to anther student for that day.  Everyone does their fair share to keep the classroom neat and orderly.
10.    If you are absent, you will have as many days as you were absent to complete and turn in your make-up work (ex. Absent 1 day, 1 day to complete make-up work).  All work should be turned in at the same time in your absent work folder.  All make-up work should be turned in to the make-up work slot in the homework collector.
11.    Respect- I will do my best to treat you fairly at all times.  In return I expect to be treated respectfully.  I also expect my students to be respectful to all other adults in our building.  This includes saying Ma’am and Sir.  Treat your classmates as you would like to be treated .