Community Project

Students can choose an area of interest in the community to specialize in.  Suggested areas include:

  • history of the community (specializing in Greenlawn, Centerport, or Huntington)
  • doing an interview on one of the community helper jobs that we spoke about in class and explaining why that job makes an important contribution to the community
  • creating a presentation on an attraction in the community, and why people would want to go there
  • any other questions that the students can come up with after we have completed our community lessons


Materials necessary:

  • Harborfields Public Library
  • Internet/computers
  • Local maps, artifacts, phone books, tourist directories, etc.
  • Community attraction websites
  • Guest speakers
  • Community packet
  • Community text set
  • Audio/video recorders, cameras, information logs, presentation materials


Students have studied communities in class.  Next they will sit with their teacher individually to come up with their focus question, using the suggested areas or individual student interest.  Students will plan what they want to know, what information they need to find out, how they will get this information, and how they will present it to the class.


The teacher will schedule a field trip where students can begin their research in the local township with parental supervision during school time.  Extra research outside of school is encouraged.


The teacher will provide class time with research materials available and guidance to complete their projects.


Students will be assessed based upon teacher observation, student written and verbal responses, and final project and presentation.