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Women's History Month Report

Our March report will be a biographical assignment on a successful Woman in History. The students can choose from a list that we provide, but if they come up with another woman they would like to research, we need to approve it first. In the past, we have given them a template that they have to fill in, either typed or hand-written. The template includes the information that we expect the students to find, such as birth date/place, childhood, significance of this figure, and an explanation of how our lives today are affected by this woman. Our rubric includes 3 pieces: neatness/legibility of presentation, written content, and oral presentation. Neatness is graded on a scale of 1-3. 1 describes a paper that is handwritten or typed, but difficult to follow or read. 2 describes a paper that has 1-2 errors, reversals, or "sloppy" words. 3 describes a paper that is clear, neat, and easy to read, whether typed or handwritten. Content is graded on a scale of 1-3. 1 describes a paper that only fills in 1-2 of the expected areas, or has only 1-2 correct areas answered. 2 describes a paper that is missing 1 area, or has 1 incorrect answer. 3 describes a paper that is complete with no content errors. Finally, oral presentation is graded on a scale of 1-3. The students are graded a 1 if they can only recall 1 fact about their woman, a 2 is a presenter that remembers 2 facts, and a 3 remembers 3 or more facts. The students can be marked 1 extra point for visual aides, such as pictures, books, or websites that they used.
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