LAIR CAMP: August 31-September 2nd

These are school days! Therefore all students are encouraged to attend or make-up the days

The cost: $175.oo per student & $100 for each chaperone.  Mecca Fundraiser can help reduce the cost for each student!  If cost is a factor please contact Ms. Cakebread

Mecca Fundraiser: August 11-22nd Please let Ms. Cakebread know if you have not received the form below.

LAIR Camp Fundraiser: “New Mecca to Go” Student:__________________

8th Grade Parents: This fundraiser is only for those students who would like to earn money towards the $175 fee for LAIR Camp this year.  Money can also be earned towards the $100 chaperone fee.  It is not mandatory that all students participate in this fundraiser if they are able to cover the cost, and you may also take part if you would like to donate your proceeds towards the cost of other students.  Ms. Cakebread will place the order to New Mecca EXACTLY as it appears, so please have orders exact.  Students will earn $3.00 for each Combo#2 dinner they sell, and $2.00 for each Combo #1 they sell.  **Money must be with the order.  Orders are due to Ms. Cakebread by Monday August 22nd.  Dinners will be available for pick-up Friday August 26th from 5:00pm-7:00pm HERE at the school.

All dinners come with chips, salsa, rice & beans

Choices can be made from the following:

          Burritos: pork, chicken, or beef

          Tacos: beef or chicken

Combo #1: $10.50 (includes tax)

          (two-item: Cheese Enchilada, and burrito OR taco

Combo #2: $12.50 (includes tax)

          (three-item: Cheese Enchilada, Burrito & Taco









Burrito:               Taco: