Pool Rules


NCHS Aquatic Health Regulations

1.  All students are required to shower before entering the pool area

2.  No food, drinks, or gum is allowed in the locker rooms or pool area

3.  If you have a contagious disease or an infectious condition you must have permission from a doctor or school nurse before you may enter the pool

4.  Regulation PE t- shirts may be worn over your swimming suit.  Cut offs or any other apparel will not be permitted. 

5.  Students with shoulder length hair or longer are required to tie hair back, or wear a swim cap

6.  Spitting water from your mouth or blowing your nose in the pool is forbidden

7.  Street shoes are not allowed on deck.  Flip flops or water shoes are allowed.

8.  Do not enter the pool office

9.  Students must supply their own goggles if needed

10.  Students must wear regulation PE uniforms when they are not swimming, this includes a medical exemption


NCHS Aquatic Safety Regulations


1.  Students are not permitted on deck unless a lifeguard or teacher is present

2.  Students may not enter the water until the instructor is present and they are told to do so by the instructor

3.  Students may not carry on conversations with lifeguards

4.  No glass containers are allowed on deck

5.  Jewelry must not be worn in the pool

6.  Running, pusching, dunking, towel snapping or any unauthorized game are forbidden in the locker rooms, on deck, and in the pool

7.  Report any and all injuries to your teacher or a lifeguard

8.  The equipment room is off limits to students unless permission is given by the instructor


Diving Boards

Diving boards will be used on a limited basis and rules must be followed when they are in use.

1.  Swimming is forbidden directly in front of the diving boards

2.  No jumping or diving to the sides of the diving boards.  Diver must pay attention to the area directly in front of them that it is clear of other swimmers

3.  No back dives of any kind are permitted

4.  The diver must swim to the closest wall or ladder without swimming back towards the boards upon completion of the dive

5.  One person on the diving board at a time

6.  No double bouncing


Rules and regulations

1.  The pool office is off limits to all students!  Enter and exit the pool area through the locker rooms

2.  All valuables are to be secured in your hallway locker or the locker room. 

3.  All physical education rules and regulations apply according to Unit 5 policy

4.  No diving off of the starting blocks without permisson

5.  Do not hang on lane lines if they are being used

Swimming Pool Daily Procedures


  • Students will wait in the atrium for instructor to take attendance
  • Students will be expected to dress and report to the pool deck in a timely manner
  • Instruction lasts approximately 28 minutes
  • Students will get 15 minutes to get ready for the remainder of their day.  The class is not dismissed by the bell but by the instructor
  • Each student gets one towel each day.  Students must put used towels in bins located inside the locker rooms.  If towels are left out the entire class will receive consequences.

Locker rooms

  • Students can use any locker in the locker rooms.  A lock may not be put on lockers overnight but may be used during the class period.  Students must provide their own locks
  • You are encouraged to leave all valuables in your hallway locker and not in the swimming pool locker room
  • Suit dryers are available for daily use.  Do not put anything other than a suit in the dryers!
  • Conduct in the locker rooms will be enforced by each individual instructor

                                    Dress Code

  • All students must have a suit of a dark color. 
  • Girls- a one piece swim suit is highly recommended but you can wear a t-shirt over a two piece swim suit or shorts if needed
  • Boys- must have a swim trunk style short or jammers
  • Students are allowed to wear regulation t-shirts over their swimming suits while they are swimming.  Students may not wear cut off shorts or shirts of any kind.
  • All students not swimming are required to dress in a regulation physical education uniform.