Swim P.E.

Swim PE

Mrs. Kobel


Office #310 Conference Hours- 1st & 6th


Swim P.E./ Driver Ed. Swim class will focus on stroke technique, water fitness, and water safety.


NCHS PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT_______________________________

The NCHS PE Department offers students a health related fitness program.  Students will experience a variety of fitness related activities as well as develop physical skills while participating in team and individual centered activities.  Health related fitness assessments will be administered throughout the school year.  The assessment determines the health fitness level of each student and his/her level of improvement.  We provide opportunities for students to set, achieve and evaluate personal fitness goals through fitness related activities that include cardiorespiratory endurance, flexibility and muscular strength and endurance.  The students are able to monitor and evaluate their progress throughout the school year by using technology, fitness testing, personal and teacher evaluation.  Working together through team and individual play, students are able to cooperatively create a learning atmosphere that is safe, respectful and tolerant of a wide range of abilities and learning styles.  An environment that emphasizes leadership, decision making, communication and cooperation will be encouraged so students will understand the importance of being active throughout their lifetime.

Required Uniform

The required uniform for students in PE classes consists of: plain black shorts, a plain orange or gray t-shirt with name clearly marked on the back, athletic socks, athletic shoes.

Students are allowed to bring sweats/sweatshirt to wear over their PE uniform.  In order to effectively participate in swimming class each student must also have:

  • Students are required to dress in proper PE uniform each day.
  • Girls should have a one piece swim suit; boys should wear swim trunk or jammer type suits.  All suits should be of a dark color
  • You are allowed to wear a PE t-shirt over your swimsuit if desired.  Shorts are also allowed as long as they are not cut offs.
  • If your hair is shoulder length or longer you must tie it back or wear a swim cap.
  • Jewelry of any kind is not allowed to be worn in the swimming pool.
  • All students will be required to have a standard PE uniform at school in case we are not able to swim, or for fitness days

Failure to wear proper uniform will result in 20% off of your daily grade and may include the following interventions:


Loaner clothes – student ID required

Student Conference

Contact home




Teacher discretion


Grading Policy

Participation - Includes participating in class activity, dressing in appropriate athletic attire in order to be able to fully participate, cooperation, effort and punctuality.

Assessments – May include:  performance labs, skill tests, skill technique, worksheets, quizzes, tests, packets, projects, log sheets, computer analysis, game play, and the final exam.


Medical excuses-If you must be excused from an activity for more than one day because of illness or injury, you must have a physician’s note stating the following

  1. Type of illness
  2. Activities in which you can not participate in
  3. Specific length of time this request is effective
  4. Present the request to the school nurse before the school day and bring a copy of the request to your instructor.
  5. A physician’s request to excuse a student from some activities due to a long term or chronic illness will be honored.

You are required to attend class with a physician’s note. Dressing for class is required!


Make Up Days

TUESDAYS will be assigned make up days after school.  If you have an extended medical note, a Modified Activity Form must be filled out.  Please see your teacher for one. 


Personal Days

You MUST have the following items with you:

  1. Your swim suit
  2.  Your regular PE uniform
  3. A signed/ dated note from your guardian for EACH personal day you are taking

You MUST dress in your PE uniform and fully participate in the assigned activity in order to earn your daily points.

If you do not have these items each time you are using a personal day a zero will be given.  You are responsible for any missed information on these days.  For instance, if the class is learning a new stroke and you are taking a personal day you must arrange a time with your instructor if you wish to learn the material.  If you have a medical reason for not participating in swimming you must have a doctor’s note with dates for your non- participation.  You will still be expected to participate in an alternate activity. 

Personal days must be taken in consecutive order.  You are allowed five personal days from your first personal day. 


Arriving and Leaving Class

  • Enter the pool atrium and line up in alphabetical order for attendance
  • You must take a shower before entering the pool area.  This means getting your hair wet!
  • Sit on the silver bench until the teacher instructs you what to do for class
  • Do not enter the water until the teacher asks you to do so
  • You will be dismissed from class with 15 minutes left in class to dress.
  • You may take ONE towel from the towel bin or you can bring a towel from home.
  • You may use the suit dryer in the locker rooms.  Do not put your suit in for longer than 15 seconds.  Do not put anything else such as towels or clothes in the dryer.

Locker Rooms

  • You may put your lock on a locker during class.  Do not leave a lock on overnight
  • Do not leave valuables in locker rooms unlocked!!
  • No horseplay of snapping towels at other classmates!
  • Bring your towel to the atrium and put it in the bin!
  • Don’t forget to turn off showers!


Horseplay will not be tolerated in the swimming pool or swimming pool area.  Failure to follow pool rules may result in a zero for the day or other appropriate disciplinary action!