Driver Education



Normal Community High School Driver Education


Mrs. Kobel


Office: Room 310 Pool Office



  • Illinois Rules of the Road (1 copy provided to each student)
  • Responsible Driving (must have instructor permission to take home)
  • Supplemental readings and handouts




  • Pass and be present for the minimum 30 classroom hours (6 absences)
  • Pass the state written exam (to obtain permit)
  • Pass the state vision exam (minimum visual acuity 20/40)




  • Must obtain a minimum of 6 hours of driving with a Driver Education instructor.
  • $200 must be collected before a student is eligible to receive their license.



  • Permit must now be held for 9 months
  • 50 hours of practice driving 10 hours at night (signed by parents/guardian)
  • Pass road test at DMV or Co-op test with driving instructor



We as a department are committed to providing each student with a solid foundation of Basic Skills and responsible attitudes towards driving the knowledge and understanding of the Rules of the Road in Illinois the responsibility and awareness of Defensive Driving and how to apply it



  • Worksheets and class activities over material covered in class
  • Quizzes and test covering Rules of the Road and Responsible Driving textbooks
  • Final exam at the end of the quarter
  • Packet Completion for Rules of the Road and Responsible Driving.


Normal Community High School Grading Scale:

100-90=   A            89-80= B       79-70= C       69-60= D     59 and below= F

   ***Grades will be figured on a percentage of the total number of points earned.



  • Be in your seat when the bell rings each day. (See NCHS Handbook on Tardy Policy)
  • Bring necessary materials to class each day.  (Textbooks, worksheet packets, writing utensils, paper, etc.)
  • Participate, take notes as needed, complete assignments on time (Late work will receive partial credit)
  • Student is responsible for communicating with instructor prior to or after an absence.
  • Respect classmates, teacher and school property.
  • No talking when working independently.
  • Raise your hand to be acknowledged by instructor.
  • Each student is given two Restroom passes at the beginning of the quarter. (Can be used as extra credit at the end of the quarter if they are not used)






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