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Class make-up Form


45 Minute Workout


Student Name__________________________________________


Date Class is to be made up_______________________________


Cardio Equipment:  _______________________________________________


Cardio Room attendant– Please sign to verify the student participated:







Swimming Project


Go to or you can find a drowning accident report on your own and research the safety aspects surrounding the accident and how it could have been avoided.  You may also find another news story about a local drowning or one that has happened within the past year.  Be sure to print off the news report that you have picked.  You must also turn in a works cited page.  Write a short summary explaining what happened.  Next you will answer the following questions in paragraph form. 


  1. List all possible unsafe aspects of the incident.  Ex.- There were young children swimming and there was little or no adult supervision.


  1. Explain all aspects of what could have been done in order to prevent the accident from happening.

Ex.- The children should not have been swimming alone.


  1. Using NCHS pool; explain what measures we have taken to ensure that every student is safe while swimming during a physical education class.  Use internet resources or ask your instructor to borrow a book, as well as the knowledge you learned in class to explain your answer. 

Ex.- Look around the deck at what safety equipment we have, as well as our emergency action plan.


  1. Explain what you would change in NCHS pool in order to make it a safer environment for all students.

Ex.- Changing the lighting regulary to ensure all students can be seen in the water and under water.


  1. Find two local facilities that offer CPR call them and find out when they offer their next class in order to be recertified.  List the facility and number you called and when the class is offered.

Ex. American Heart Society or American Red Cross, Bromen, or St. Joes.


  1. Explain what you have done in the past and will do in the future to ensure your safety in a water activity such as swimming or boating.

Ex.- I will always wear a lifejacket


Please use complete sentences when writing your paper. Points will be deducted for mistakes. You should also use at least three examples in each answer.  Please do not use the same examples in the directions. 


Swim Project Rubric


  1. Summary of accident/print off of report 

0  1      2      3


  1. Prevention

0  1      3      5      6      8      10


  1. NCHS safety

0  1      3      5      6      8      10    12    15    17    20


  1. NCHS change in safety procedure

0  1      3      5      6      8      10    12    15


  1. 2 Facilities phone number and classes

0  1      3      5      7


  1. What will you do to keep yourself safe

0  1      3      5      6      8      10


  1. Typed/ neatness/grammar


0  1      3      5


Total Points Earned ______