Journal Entries

WALA Journal

Week One Journal

Use a SMART goal to tell me what your fitness goals are for yourself.  S-specific     M- measurable     A- Attainable     R- Reachable     T-Timely

An example of a SMART goal is: My goal is to exercise at 80% of my maximum heart rate for 45 minutes 5 days a week.

This is not a SMART goal: My goal is to lose weight this month


Week Two Journal Entry

Now that you have a goal, I would like you to write a short paragraph on why you chose the goal and what types of activities you plan to use to accomplish your goal. 


Week Three Journal Entry

See Worksheet of Weekly Plan


Week Four Journal Entry


Advanced Aquatics Journal

Jornal Entry Week One

Explain in a short paragraph why you are interested in water safety. 


Journal Entry Week Two

What are three characteristics of a lifeguard?  Why did you choose each of these characteristics?