Mr. Kim’s Classroom Rules, 2010-2011 

1. All North Kent Student Handbook rules apply in my classroom. 2. All Technology Acceptable Use policies apply in my classroom. 3. Be respectful to others, the computers, textbooks and all school property. 4. No students are allowed in the teacher’s work area.  I consider this my office and you are required to ask permission before entering this area, even to get something from the printer. 5. Do not “Expectorate in my waste basket.” 6. Do not swear in front of me or where I might hear it.  I will bring it to your attention and expect an immediate apology for using such language.  If you refuse to apologize immediately, you will be asked to leave.  If you swear directly at me, you will not even have the opportunity to apologize and will be asked to leave.  I will determine what is or is not a swear word. 7. Do not quit work early and stand by the door, stay at your work station until the bell rings. 8. Do not go to social networking sites, like facebook, game sites, audio or video streaming sites or use proxy servers that are not part of my direct instructions. 9. No textbooks are to leave the classroom without my permission. 10. The Lab will be closed during lunch.  Do not even ask to remain in the room unsupervised. 11. No sound or music should be heard from your computer, use headphones at all times. 12. You may listen to mp3 players if you are working on assigned work, use headphones at all times and keep the volume at what I determine as an acceptable level.  Do not listen to music while I am giving direct instruction or you will lose the devise and possibly your listening privilege. 13. One person may be out of the room at any one time, and must use the pass. 14.  You may call me Mr. Kim or Mr. Pfeiffer.