Grades and Expectations

Grades and Expectations, 2010-2011 

Your PARTICIPATION in school and in the classroom is critical to your success.  You can obtain 20 points per day, that’s 100 points per normal 5 day week.  Participation means, showing up on time, involved in the instructional activity and/or working on assigned tasks for that day.  If you are tardy, you will lose 10 points.  If you do not work or stay on task, you will lose between 10-20 points.  An unexcused absence will result in loss of 20 points for that day.  For an excused absence or documented absence, you will be given the opportunity to make up those participation points by asking me.  This usually will involve the completion of a “spuzzle” on your own time.  Make sure you date the spuzzle, so I can restore points to the proper day.  An absence for a school activity or for school business will not result in the loss of your points for that day, under normal circumstances.  Participation will account for 20% of your overall grade. Use the 5 minutes between classes to use the restroom.  Some students never have to leave the classroom.  Some students feel they need to leave the classroom everyday, at least once.  This is not acceptable.  A hall pass is required and I control the hall pass.  Leaving a class for anything is a privilege not a right.  If you leave without a hall pass, do not return to class; go directly to the Dean’s office, a write-up will follow and you will lose the future privilege to ask me for a hall pass. North Kent progress reports are given out after the 10th day and 25th day of the quarter. Progress reports and grades for E2020 classes will reflect the progress and grades taken directly from E2020.  You are expected to keep normal progress in E2020 and the program will inform you daily of your standing.  In addition, a parent e-mail address is required on your E2020 account, so progress updates will be sent to the listed parent or guardian on a regular basis.  Your team leader will also be checking on you as well as the teacher facilitating the class.  Don’t fall behind on E2020.   Team is a CR (credit) or NC (no credit) class, heavily based on participation.

In regular content classes, 65% is the cut-off point for a passing grade.  Below is my grading scale:

 A+ = 98 to 100%A   = 97.99 to 95%A-  = 94.99 to 92%B+ = 91.99 to 89%B   = 88.99 to 86%B-  = 85.99 to 83%C+ = 82.99 to 80%C   = 79.99 to 77%C-  = 76.99 to 74%D+ = 73.99 to 71%D   = 70.99 to 68%D-  = 67.99 to 65%E    = 64.99 to 0%

Most jobs do not require you to work at home after hours.  School at North Kent is your job right now.  You are required to work at your job, here in school.  No homework is required.  If you need to work at home, to finish an assignment, you are welcome to do so, but not required.  Some E2020 students may choose to work at home.  Students will sometimes tell me that they prefer to work at home.  This does not mean that you don’t have to work while in school, use school time for school work. One of my expectations for you is that you become a quality producer.  This means that any assignment or product you produce for a class needs to meet a certain level of quality.  Since you are in a computer lab, I expect all assigned work to be computer generated.  I will not accept hand written assignments of any kind. Organization is another important skill for you to develop.  Organization of your computer files is required.  I do not accept printed assignments, all your work must be labeled or named correctly and located in a properly labeled class file on your network drive space.  I will not look for assignments elsewhere.  The computers will not lose your work, so don’t use that as an excuse.  Instruction will be given about how and where to save your work.  On occasion I will ask for something to be printed out, so do not print unless I specifically ask for it. 

60% of your grade will be based on Assigned Work.  Complete all assignments on time, due dates will be posted on the bulletin board next to the television.  Late assignments will be worth ½ credit.  20% of your grade will be based in the form of a final assessment or project. Important Note:Talk to me if you are having difficulty with the work or ahead of the time if you need help keeping up.  One of the most important things you can do at North Kent is to come to school everyday.  The teachers here all want to see you progress and graduate. That should be your primary focus.