Just For Parents

This page is for parents only!  Here are some references of articles that I found interesting and relevent to your 5th grader! Enjoy! Please email with any questions!

First things first! Heres what to expect with your all grown up 5th grader! :)



Here is an article on how to spark an interest in reading in your 5th grader!



We all know that physical activity is an important aspect of life, and here are some fun and creative ways to get your child moving with the family!



Dealing with bullying in school is very important! Here are some tips for delaing with bullying at school.  Also, feel free to cantact me at anytime to make me aware of any bullying in my classroom.



Here is a link for all parents to the National Education Association (NEA).  This page in particular has many ways to get involved in your child's education.  I encourage all parents to have an open dialogue with me about questions and concerns. After all, we are in this together!