Classroom Rules

 Ms. Preizer's Classroom Rules

Three Rules to ALWAYS Follow...

1. Be Respectful
You should speak in class when it’s your turn.
Listen to what each student and the teacher has to say.
Be kind to any guests who come to see what we're doing.

2. Be Responsible
Come to class with everything you need that day: science notebook, a pencil, your homework.
If you have been absent, please check your class folder for Absent work.
Do not cheat on any assignment--- classwork or homework.
If you don't understand something, please talk to a classmate or myself. We're here to learn together!

3. Be Ready
Come to class ready to learn with everything you need.
Listen to directions and stay on task--- we need everybody to participate.
If a classmate needs help, ask them if you can help them.

In the first week of school we will discuss this rules as a class. I will then allow the class to come up with a few rules which they deem appropriate.  We will also come up with consequences as a class.