PBI Project Description

The Goal:

Driving Question:

What would the earth look like without plate tectonics?

The goal of our project was to create a fun interesting way for students to learn about plate tectonics.  We accomplished this by providing some outside sources and having the students perform the work in groups.

We had many students in our class but grouped them beforehand to make sure that they would be working in teams. This would allow them to accomplish work to the best of their abilities and have other people to help with any questions that they may have had.

The teams would work together to complete our activites to gain knowledge over plate tectonics accumulating to a "Final" that we had for them.  Each team was asigned a different plate to prevent them from copying other groups and to research on their own terms.  Once research was completed, each team needed to create a hype video to present to the class.

The Ten Teams:

Team:                                        Plate:

Majestic                                                              South American Plate

Alien Flowers                                                      African Plate

Team Awesomeness                                          Arabian Plate                                  

I Don't Know                                                      Australian Plate

Iguanas                                                              Eurasian Plate

Inspiration                                                          Nazca Plate

Pandas                                                               Indian Plate

Polar Bears                                                        Antarctic Plate

Popeye's                                                            Juan De Fuca Plate

Rainbow                                                             North American Plate