About Me

My name is Kati Raines.  I started working with children at the age of  10.  This is when I decided that working with children was the career path I wanted to pursue.  I joined Future Teachers of America in high school to gain a better understanding of the teaching career field and start working with children by tutoring after school.  I went to college and obtained my associate of arts in Elementary Education and decided that I wanted to teach preschool.  I ended up opening my own child care center so that I could give back to my community in higher numbers than just one class at a time.  This was an amazing opportunity however, I yearned to be back in the classroom.  I decided to go back to get my Bachelors in Elementary Education.  I am currently volunteering my time in Mentor Public Schools to gain a better understanding of the school districts high expectations.  I will be graduation in early 2019 in which I plan to pursue a teaching career in Northeast Ohio. 


My Teaching Philosophy:

I will provide a safe and loving environment with a lot of structure and organization.  My students will be held accountable for their actions and they will be given class responsibilities.  My students will own their classroom during the year and we will learn care and respect for our surroundings.  I will create an environment where my students feel empowered and where their learning is our number one priority. 


"The mediocre teacher tells.  The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires." - William Aurthur Ward