Classroom Expectations and More

Classroom Expectations:

We have two classroom behavior expectations

1)Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2)Do not interrupt others ability to learn.  

As long as the students follow these two rules we should be able to promote a respectful environment where every one feels free to learn.

Consequences and Reward Systems:

I will use a reward system that allows for both positive and negative consequences.  We will use the class Dojo as this allows me and the students to get points or take them away based on behavior.  I do not even have to disrupt the class to do this, if something is happening I can simply walk to the board and give and point or deduct a point for behaviors without saying a word.  This is a great way for us to manage the class environment and for you as a parent to see how the behavior is going throughout the day and what we can work on.  This reward and consequence system requires less teacher reprimanding and gives more time for students to stay engaged in their learning activities which also increases motivation.  When students have rules that require them to respect each other they will have more positive interactions with each other as well.  On top of the dojo points, I will use a reward system called sand dollars.  Each day the two students with the most dojo points as well as students who do an exceptional job respecting others, helping out, etc will receive play money in which they can use in the class “store” once they have saved enough money. This will increase their motivation to be respectful and to follow the classroom rules.

Digital Citizenship:

We expect all of students to follow the school wide policy on being a good digital citizen. 

A brief over view of what we expect:

- Internet Safety (We will have a seminar on this both as a school and as a class before the students participate)

-We will discuss privacy and security and how to ensure we are being safe when using the internet and computer systems.

-Healthy online communication and when it's appropriate vs when it is not appropriate to communicate online.

-Cyber Bullying is just as bad as doing it in person.

-We are still the same person online and we are offline and we have to upkeep our reputation in both.

If you would like more information to use at home please click the link below.

Digital citizenship for families. 

Class Content:

We will be following all common core standards throughout the year with math, science, reading, language, spelling, and history.  We will have various projects throughout the coarse of the year and this is a great place to come to get more information!



We follow a rubric system in our class.  Every assignment will be given with clear instructions and expectations.  For each assignment that is above typical classwork a rubric will be given so the students and parents can gain a better understanding of exactly how the assignment will be graded.


Additional Info. and Policies:

Late Work: Anything that is not finished in class will be sent home to be finished.  I give ample time during class to finish assignments and if it is not complete it could be a sign that the child was unable to focus.  

Home Work: I assign very little homework.  My expectations are that you sit with your child for at least a half hour daily and review math flash cards and read for at least 20 minutes.  There are so many valuable things learned and the bond you can form while sitting together reading is essential to children's development.

Tardiness and Absents': The schools policy is that you are tardy after 9:00 am.  If a students comes in after 9 they are always welcome to come into the classroom.  They are expected to come in quietly and sit down and join in with the current assignment/activity and I will come to them as soon as I am finished the current activity and welcome them and get them settled.  If they are absent you may email me and I can send over any assignments that were missed.  

Concerns with academics:  If you have a concern with your child's academics please contact me as soon as possible.  If I notice anything and have a concern I will also contact you.  I will gladly sit down and have a meeting with you to discuss where your child is and how we can help them.  If you are ever concerned with where there grade is please call me or go on to the parents portal through the school district and view all of their current grades. 

Office Hours: The school is opened from 8 Am - 4 Pm daily.  I am available during those hours daily.

Extra Help: If your child needs extra help I will gladly stay after school hours or come in early for a help session.  Please contact me if you feel this is needed.

"If a child can't learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn" - Ignacio Estrada