Book Instructions


“Book” Project


You need to create a “book” of at least 5 pages in length that uses if – then statements in the form of the law of syllogism.  (Conclusion of one statement must match the hypothesis of the next). 


Your book should be in the style of “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” in its circular nature.  Your book should end with the statement you began with.  Your statements should follow a logical order. (In other words, no random statements)


Your book must be typed and illustrated.  Your final project will be submitted electronically You may email the project to me or save the project on your share drive on the Chapman network.


You may use whatever software is most comfortable for you:  Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.


You will be given time to work on this in class.  I suggest you already have an idea so that you can attempt to finish during class.


Your project should be submitted no later than Friday, February 20.


Grading:  Worth 100 points


If-then statements: 

Student includes at least five            Student includes less than    Student includes less

If – then statements that                   five but more than two         than two if-then

follow logically. (30 pts)                   if – then statements that       statements or

                                                            follow logically (20 pts)         statements do not

                                                                                                            follow logically. (10)


Project is typed and                          Project is typed and              Project is not typed

illustrated in a manner that              illustrated, but the                 but is neatly written

enhances the text. (30 pts)                illustrations are not               and illustrated. (10)

                                                            relevant. (20 pts)

Law of Syllogism:

Statements used fit the rules             Statements used fit                Statements do not fit

for Law of Syllogism.  The              the Law of Syllogism.           LOS or logic is faulty.

logic flows. (30 pts)                           Logic is slightly faulty. (20)  (10 pts)


Use of Class Time:

COWs are used carefully and          COWs are used carefully      Student used COW

time is well spent.  Student              and time is mostly well         for something other

remained on task. (10 pts)                spent. Student on task. (5)    than project. (2)