Rules and Consequences

Classroom Rules, Rewards, and Consequences

Classroom Rules/Expectations:

1) Be respectful to your classmates, your teacher, and to their belongings.

2) Ask for help when you need it.

3) Be prepared to learn by having all necessary materials ready.

4) Students must stay in assigned seats unless otherwise directed.

5) Keep all hands, feet, and other objects to yourself!  

I have devised a set of rewards and consequences for my students. Students who meet my classroom expectations will be rewarded for their behavior. Students that choose not to follow my expectations and rules will face the consequences. As you can see, I have involved the parent or guardian in my set of rewards and consequences. You are essential in your child’s education, so you will be informed of the actions that are taken.


  1. Praise- I will positively reinforce all of my students.
  2. Positive Notes Home-I will write letters focusing on positive achievements within my room, to send home to the students’ parents.
  3. Small rewards.
  4. Calls home to parent- I will call parents home with examples of the achievements and progress their children are making; generally parents get negative calls, so this will be a great way to reinforce positives.


1.) The Look- I will make eye contact with the student in question as the first attempt to stop negative behavior.

2.) Proximity- I will move closer to the student as the second attempt to stop the negative behavior

.3.) Verbally Stopping Child- I will stop the student verbally, but not in a manner as to disrupt the entire classroom learning.

4.) Time Out- The student will have to complete a ‘Time Out Paper’ to reinforce the reason they are there in the first place. Parents will get a copy of this plan of action.

5.) Calling Parent- I will let the student know I am calling the parent, and then call to explain the steps I have taken up to this point to correct the negative behavior; thereis a follow up one on one conference between the teacher and the student to discuss any remaining problems.

6.) Arranging Conference with parent, child and teacher- The parent will be requested to come into the classroom, with the child, and have a discussion about the student’s behavior in the classroom, possible causes, and what can best be done to stop the negative behaviors, and to prevent them in the future.

7.) Send Child to the Office- After all seven steps have been used on the same problem occurring with a student, then the student will be sent to the Administrative Office for disciplinary procedures through that office.