Addition Strategies (Branching)

Today we are going to learn an addition strategy called "branching"; it helps you to organize your thoughts as you add. It will also help to strengthen your adding muscles in your brain, and with stronger addition muscles comes stronger math muscles!

Let's use the following set of numbers as an example:

8       9     10    10    3       8      6    10   3       7

Now, instead of trying to add them all in a row, I am going to pair or "branch" them, creating new numbers that are easier to handle.

 [8     9 ]    10     10     3        [8     6]      10     [ 3  7]

17        10        10        3       14      10     10

Now my math problem is even simpler! Of course, finding pairs that add up to 10 is best, since 10 is a very easy number to add, but you can find other pairs that make sense to you also. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to use branching. It's about making the addition problem easy for you, not doing the strategy any specific way. So now my problem looks like this:


I know 10+10+10+10=40, so I can simplify my problem even more using that branching:


I ALSO know that 17+3= 20:


Now for my final steps. I know that 20+40=60, so that just leaves me with:


Use this example to complete pages 1, 2, 3 and three in your packet for 1 sticker each!