High School and Post Secondary




  • >50 credits = Freshman status

  • 50 credits = Sophomore status

  • 100 credits = Junior status 

  • 150 credits = Senior status

Career Aptitude Test/
Common Post-Secondary Pathways:


  • Trade/Apprenticeship- combines on-the-job training, work experience and technical training that leads to certification in over 150 trades.

  • College- Community college, Cal State, etc. 

  • University- A-G high school requirements to a 4-year university 

  • Workplace- We will work on your resume, job applications, interview help, etc.


Applying to College 


College and Career Readiness Graduation Track – 220 Units



Social Science – 30 Units (including World History, U.S. History, and Government/Economics)

English – 40 Units College Prep (4 year-long courses)

Mathematics – 30 Units (including Algebra I)

Science – 20 Units (including 10 units of Life Science and 10 units of Physical Science)

Foreign Language /Visual and Performing Art / Career and Technical Education – 10 Units (10 Units must be complete in one of these three areas)

Physical Education – 20 Units

Electives – 70 Units


CA State Graduation Track – 200 Units



English – 40 Units (4 year-long courses)

Mathematics – 20 Units (including Algebra I)

Science – 20 Units (including Biology and Physical Science)

Social Science – 30 Units (10 units of US History, 10 units of World History, 5 units of Economics, and 5 units of Government)

VAPA/FL/CT – 10 Units (one course in visual/performing arts, foreign language, or career technology)  

Physical Education – 20 Units

Electives – 60 Units





Dual enrollment lets you earn college credit for college courses completed while you’re still in high school – and those courses also count toward your high school diploma. 

  • Weights: A: 5.0   B: 4.0   C: 3.0    D: 2.0   F: 0.0

  • Standard Credits awarded 0.5 credits per 3 college hours

  • Scope and Sequence Review: Based upon a review of the course scope and sequence, syllabus, or course outline a one (1) credit can be awarded for 3 college hours.  If the scope and sequence, syllabus, or course outline cover all topics of CCSS or the scope and sequence of the high school course one (1) credit will be awarded.

  • Half-day Career Technology courses count as 1.5 credits.

  • For college courses not already approved for one (1) credit for 3 college hours, a review will be made by the GSM department upon request of the parent.

Advanced Placement/
Honors Courses



Weights: A: 4.5   B: 3.5   C: 2.5   D: 1.5   F: 0.0

Honors courses are available for students who qualify as part of Epic’s High School course offerings. Currently, the College Board doesn’t allow for Independent Charter Schools to be approved as a testing site for the College Board exams, which is what is used by Colleges and Universities when deciding whether or not to award college credit for a college board/AP exam.

At Epic we weigh Honors and AP courses for GPA calculation the same and encourage students to participate in both Honors courses and Concurrent Enrollment for college credit. However, an EPIC student may sit for a College Board exam at a local approved testing site if the family chooses.  Fees for the Advanced Placement/College Board exams can be paid out of the families learning fund if available.