Learning Fund

Click here to check your learning fund

  • Educational Bank Account
  • Families have the gift of receiving $2,000 for each student each school year, $1,000 if enrolled after November 1st. 


If you need educational supplies or manipulatives at home: 

  • Email Ms. Lawson the Amazon links for your chosen items. OR you can order yourself through the learning fund.

  • The deadline for orders is April 30th. 

Suggested manipulatives and @ home resources:

  1. TK- K: Letters and numbers, tactile items, whiteboard, etc. 

  2. 1-2: tactile items, books, whoiteboard, kits

  3. 3-5: Books, kits, etc. 

  4. Basic School Supplies List

   * You can buy ink and paper as well! Email me the details of your ink cartridge, etc.
   *TK- 2: You will be expected to print packets for each LP or use a KAMI account to annotate electronically. 


Grade Level Book Lists:

If you would like enrichment classes and tutoring (in-person or online):

  • Parents need to call or email vendors to confirm availability and schedule. Please confirm your student is an Epic Charter Schools student with the vendor and give them my contact information. They will need to follow up with me about the invoice portion. 

  • Click here for the EPIC VENDOR DIRECTORY

  • For EPIC TUTORS Click here

  • I highly suggest purchasing the TutorMe- App on Clever- 10 hours of tutoring for $180 or unlimited hours for $225

  • Families need to make sure they check their balance at least a few times a year with funds normally running out by April. If you accrue charges and a negative balance, you will be charged out of pocket if you are not a returning student or you will accrue learning fund deductions when your account replenishes the following year if you are a returning student. 

  • Family monies may be shared within sibling groups after individual core curricula for each child have been designated. 

  • Vendors- All services must be requested one (1) full month prior to services being rendered for each student.

  • Vendors will not determine the curriculum for Epic students. 

  • The vendor deadline to submit purchase orders is May 31st.