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EPIC CHARTER SCHOOL- Online Accredited Public School 

100 South Anaheim Blvd. Suite 150 Anaheim, CA 92805


Every school day (M-F), students need to spend approximately 20-32 focused hours on schoolwork as required by the State of California for their grade level:

  • Kindergarten: 180 minutes/school day- 3 hours

  • Grades 1-3: 230 minutes/school day- 3.8 hours

  • Grades 4-8: 240 minutes/school day- 4 hours

  • Grades 9-12: 240 minutes/school day- 4 hours

Parents/Guardians are responsible to ensure that only MINIMAL distractions and/or interruptions occur throughout each school day. 


  • A VERY important document emailed from me. It lists your homework and to do items for every learning period (LP). 

  • I will take attendance from these assignments. DO WHAT IS ON YOUR CURRENT AWR. If you are behind, move forward in your curriculum so you are not doing work from past LPs and become truant. 

  • Students will receive 100% of their learning fund if they complete
    95% or more of their assignments. Your learning fund will be deducted if you do not complete your assignments and the deduction is irreversible. 

  • K-2 Parents: You will need to email me work samples of sight words and writing each LP to receive full attendance. Studies Weekly if applicable. 

  • All students: Reading and PE logs will need to be filled out each LP to receive full attendance.

  • Sample AWR here


  • Epic’s process of support for students who are not making adequate progress

  • Reasons a student can be truant or non-compliant (standards of independent study not met and/or Governing Board policies violated): 

    • Missed five or more assignments in a learning period.

    • Has exceeded the maximum length of time (20 days) that may elapse between the date an independent study assignment is made and the date by which a student must complete the assigned work. 

    • Has an overall grade of less than 70% in a course. 

    • Has failed to communicate with school personnel when required.

    • Has violated the terms of his/her IEP by failing to attend scheduled meetings with special education staff.

  • Steps: non-compliance 1, non-compliance 2, and finally withdrawal.

  • Each step usually takes around  2 weeks. Supportive meetings will take place with each step.

  • Epic’s goal is to get students back on track and towards graduation. 

  • Please work with staff who are trying to keep your child enrolled. 

  • Possible tutor or curriculum change, etc.

CA Truancy Laws

GRADES- Grades are earned, not given! 

  • Core online English curriculum- 70%. Writing- 10%, Daily reading log- 10%. Vocabulary- 10%

  • Core online Math curriculum - 100%

  • Core online Science curriculum - 100%

  • Core online Social Studies curriculum - 100%

  • P.E.- 100% from PE log

  • Gradel level graduation will be determined by Epic teacher if a student completes 90%+ of their chosen core curriculum


  • Save the links to the online resources you use, and cite your sources when needed.

  • Cyberbullying is prohibited.

  • Students in grades 3-12th are required to have their own working email addresses and check email every school day

  • Use credible sources when citing information.  

  • Zoom meeting etiquette applies 

  • Policy on Academic Dishonesty: If a student is suspected of plagiarism, the teacher assigned to the student will meet with the parent/guardian and the student to assess the situation and allow the student to give an explanation. If a satisfactory explanation is given, the situation is resolved. If a satisfactory explanation is not given, the Teacher will advise the School Head and further action may be warranted. If another act of academic dishonesty occurs, the student may receive academic probation and/or withdrawal from school.


  1. Show self-discipline and take responsibility for your work.

  2. Complete all assignments on your current AWR.

  3. Log in to Clever each school day.

  4. Be a problem solver. Ask a parent for help, log in to Epic homework help, get tutoring or ask your teacher. Work hard, think harder!

  5. Watch the lesson videos entirely before you quiz or test. Take notes during lessons and refer back when taking a quiz or test.

  6. Answer all emails from the teacher by the end of the next school day.

  7. Attend all meetings with your teacher.


  1. Work as a team with your teacher! 85% support- learning coach and/or parents, 15% support- Epic Supervising Teacher 

  2. Check and respond to emails from the teacher by the next school day.

  3. Attend all monthly LP meetings.

  4. Support and ensure students complete schoolwork each day and complete all assignments on their AWR.

  5. Contact the teacher for help with homework, resources, tutor, etc.

  6. Check learning fund balance, ask teachers for supplies, or find vendors.

  7. Parents are accountable for student's performance.


  • Principal Honor Roll- Certificate is awarded to students yearly who earn a 3.50-3.99 grade point average. 

  • Superintendent Honor Roll- Certificate is awarded to students yearly with a 4.0-grade point average or higher. Weighted courses are included in the average.

  • Student of the Month- teacher selected. Video and shout out on Epic’s CA website and newsletter. 

  • Student Highlight- teacher selected. Features an article and pictures about your child’s uniqueness and talents on Epic’s CA website and newsletter.