Ms. Spadafora's 2nd Grade Classroom Website

Behavioral Expectations:

-Students should always be respectful of computers/IPads that are in the classroom. Students should remember their login information, and use the appropriate school websites. 

-Students should be prompt to class and when turning in assignments. 


Learning Content:

-For Reading and Writing, students will be learning new vocabulary and will practice writing.

-For Math, students will learn how to count with numbers and money.

-For Science, students will learn about space and animals.

-For Social Studies, students will learn about states and directions. 



-If a student turns in an assignment late, they will be deducted a point for everyday it is late. 

-If a student would like to earn extra credit, I would be more than happy to provide this. Your child can come talk to me and I will give them a paper or an activity to complete for extra credit. 

-I will send out weekly grade checks on Fridays for parents to look over and sign. Please put the paper back in your students folder so I can make sure that you have looked over it and signed it. If there are any concerns about your child's grade, I will write my comments on the grade check paper. 

-I would like parents to be able to help their child with their homework and read with them for atleast 30 minutes a night. 


Rules and Consequences:

-My classroom rules are:

  • Always be prepared for class
  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Always share with others

My Consequences are:

  • If the rules above are not followed, then the student will not earn a sticker on the sticker chart.
  • If the student does not earn 15 stickers or more by the end of the month, they will not be able to pick a prize from the treasure box.



-Students that follow the rules will be able to earn stickers to put on the sticker chart that I have on the wall. 

-Once they have earned 15 stickers or more within each month, they will be able to pick a prize from the treasure box.  



-Students will be graded on participation and effort. 

-As long as students try and complete assignments, I will be happy. If students are struggling, I will help them individually. 


Communication with Parents:

-I plan to send out weekly emails on Monday's, to let parents know what events and learning objectives are going on for that week.

-In the email, I will also let parents know how thier child is doing in class and if there is anything they are struggling with. 

-If there any questions, comments, or concerns, you can always email me at any time! You may also call me during school hours. 



Thank you,

Ms. Spadafora