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Welcome to Mrs. Kristen's Kindergarten!

Our first day of Kindergarten is almost here!! I am so excited and I can't wait to meet and get to know your child!! 

OPEN HOUSE: August 6th at 6 pm. *Please bring your child's school supplies to open house. 

First Day Check List: 

  • Uniform (Please refer to the student handbook) 
  • Any supplies that were not turned in at open house
  • Any forms that need to be turned in 
  • Supply Fees
  • Lunch Box (if applicable) 
  • Blanket and Pillow for Nap time
  • Spare set of clothes in backpack
  • Concession Money (if applicable) 
  • A Positive Attitude!! 

A Little Information about our Classroom!

Our Classroom Rules: 

  1. Listen to your teacher/ Follow Directions
  2. Be kind
  3. Respect yourself, others and school property. 
  4. Always be your best!


Our Classroom Incentives: 

Teacher and Student Scoreboard- This is a tally system that will be in place daily. Students may earn tally marks any time appropriate behaviors are observed inside or outside of the classroom. Likewise, the teacher will receive a tally mark if inappropriate behaviors are observed. On Friday, if students have more tally marks than the teacher does, students will receive a class reward. 

Table Group Tallies- This system is much like the teacher and student scoreboard but will work with the table groups within our class. At the end of the week, whichever table group has the most points will receive a group reward. 

Caught being great tickets- This is an individual reward system. When students are observed making great choices he/she will receive a ticket. Students will collect tickets and once they have collected five tickets, they will visit the class treasure box. 

Brain Breaks: When the teacher observes students exhibiting hard work towards an assignment, once it is complete (if time remians) students will be able to choose a brain break stick to enjoy! Brain Breaks can consist of dance parties, games such as hot potato or simon says or other activites such as drawing time. 

Homework Count- We send homework home on Mondays in your child's green folder and is due on Fridays. When your child completes and turns in their homework on Friday, they will receive a sticker on the homework chart. For every five stickers earned, your child will receive a reward. 


-Labor Day Holiday- No School 

-Parent Teacher Conferences- September 9th

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