Supply List/ Wish List

Mrs. Brown’s Kindergarten Supply List


Beach or Bath towel

Standard size bookbag

                 2 packs of pencils               

4 packs of 8 count crayons  

               4 packs of glue sticks      

   1 pack of  dry erase markers  

        2   plain folders with pockets   


         Clorox wipes or disinfectant wipes     

       Ziploc Bags (Pint, Gallon, or quart size) 

1 pack of Baby Wipes

1 bag of candy or suckers for our prize box

 Please bring these items during the first week of school!   

Our Wish List

Below is a list of items that we can use in additon to the supply list.


Masking Tape

Small Prizes


Small dry erase boards

Page Protectors

1 inch binders


Index cards

Notepads (any size)

Notebooks (one subject)