Kindergarten Promotion Standards

Below is the Promotion Standards that were set by the Wilkes County Board of Education.  These standards must be met by the end of the fourth nine weeks in order to be considered for promotin to first grade. 

Wilkes County SchoolsPromotion ChecklistKindergarten to Grade One   
StandardMetNot Met

1. Recognizes 100% of letters and sounds out of sequence.


2. Legibly writes alphabet in upper case.


3. Legibly writes alphabet in lower case.


4. Reads and spells the 20 basic sight words accurately.

     ( see attached list)


5. Reads the eight basic color words.


6. Writes first and last name without model.


7. Completes DRA Level 2.


8. Masters K-2 Writing Fluency

    Part 1 “Emerging Writer” (see attached)


9. Performs at math level 3 on class work and Year End

    Summative Assessment including:

    __ Knows, recognizes, writes, makes a set, and

         counts 0-30 out of order

    __ Recognizes days, months and seasons

    __ Sorts and classifies


* Students should meet 85% of this checklist ( 8 out of 9)


* When considering the retention of a child at any grade level multiple factors must be considered. Retention is a serious decision and no single factor should be reviewed in isolation to determine the retention of a child. For that reason schools are encouraged to establish committees to review the documentation regarding student retention. The committee should consist of the current teacher and a teacher from the next grade level. If the student is in a subgroup such as EC, LEP, or AIG, teachers from those areas of expertise should be represented on the committee. All information available regarding the child should be considered by the review committee. The committee then makes a recommendation to the principal. By North Carolina statute, the principal makes the final decision.