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Hey guys! Well, it looks like we will be working from home for awhile since we are not able to go to school.  

I miss all of you so much! 


On this page you will find:

  • Messages from me 

  • Your weekly assignments

  • And other resources


Do your best, read carefully, and follow the directions. Take your time with each assignment.


I hope I get to see all of you soon!



Week 1: March 16 - March 20

  • Students should have completed iReady teacher assigned lessons. 


Week 2: March 23 - March 27

  • All students: Pearson (black and blue) worksbooks: copy down notes pages from the answer key that I sent through school status pgs. 92 through 97, then you will complete the practice pages 261 through 266. 
  • Students without internet capabilities: Pick up Ready practice and problem solving workbook from the school. Complete pages 267-276. 2016 RPPS6M SE L24.pdfDo your best!!! You can email or text me questions this week and I will answer them as soon as I can. 
  • Students with internet: Please complete the "teacher assigned" iReady lessons. Be sure to listen to the lesson so that when you take the quiz at end you will understand the questions. 
  • Students can also complete quiz games on covering area, volume, and surface area.                        


Week 3: March 30- April 3


  • Week 4: April 6th-April 10th            Have a great Spring Break!! I hope to see you soon!!! 



  • Week 5: April 13-17th- 


I hope you enjoyed your week off for Spring Break. I really miss you guys and I am hopeful that we will be able to start back to school soon. I did not plan for the entire week because we are waiting until after Tuesday to make a more definite plan. The school is not doing a packet pick up until we know more about the Governor's plan for the rest of the school year. Please check the webpage for updates. 


All Students:

Attached are some Doodle notes to use to help you with this weeks assignments

Complete the color by number worksheet and the pages attached. If you do not have internet access or a printer then you can complete the worksheet on a seperate sheet of paper. The color by number page can be a reference for you to use to check your answers. I will attach the answer keys for the pages on Friday. 



Students with Internet:  Continue to complete iReady lessons. Please make sure that you completed the assigned lessons from the week before.

Complete this quiz on 

Students without internet: 9-1 thru 9-8.pdf 


Week 6- April 20-24 

Attached is a video on Box and whisker plots that the students can watch to help them with their assignments.

Week 7- April 27-May 1

Week 8 May 3rd-May 7     thinking blocks ratio  math games-percentages/ratios 

         Khanacacdemy-finding percents tutorial/questions
 math game 

  • Students without internet-   Work on the review packet that your parents picked up. Please message me with any questions.

Week 9- May 11- May 15 

  • Students with Internet-  Complete the two teacher assigned lessons on iReady. I apologize for the lesson for last week not showing up on iReady. I assigned it but it must not have worked. Complete those two lessons and then continue to work on the lessons that iReady assigns you. Complete this practice quiz on quizziz- (its 7th grade level so it might be a little harder than what we have done. 

        Attached are some games/activities that you can practice:  percent equations    thinking blocks ratio math games-percentages/ratios 

         Khanacacdemy-finding percents tutorial/questions
 math game 

  • Students without internet-  Continue to work on the packet that you picked up from the school. If you have question please feel free to message me. 




Please feel free to contact me on my email, school status, remind or in the comments section on my webpage