Dress Code

Dress Code

Our focus is to educate your child/children in a safe environment that promotes learning. This dress code policy which was adopted and approved by the parents signifies the dedication we have to Jefferson students.

  • Shirts (Polo style)

          6th Grade: White

          7th Grade:  Light Blue

          8th Grade:  Navy

               Must be a polo with 3 or less buttons! No V-neck with more than 3 buttons for girls.

               Under shirts must match polo color. Shirts tucked in for scanning or show waistband/ untucked

               for the day.

  • Spirit Day Shirts, Sports uniforms, Cheer and Pom Uniforms - All Fridays are Jefferson Spirit Days!

               Any Jefferson spirit shirt (t-shirt) is allowed.

               Jefferson uniforms may be worn on game days.

               Band, Drama, Choir, and Academic club t-shirts may be worn on performance days.

  • Pants

               Plain jeans, jean walking shorts or jean capri's

               No Designs ONLY plain

               No rips, holes, or sagging

  • Shoes

               Go by OKCPS dress code (See Below)

               Shoelaces must match the majority of shoe color. For example, if shoes are white with blue trimming,

               shoelaces must be white.

  • Jackets

               Students may wear their Jefferson Jacket (Hooded Sweatshirts).

               Hooded Sweatshirts will be sold for $15.00 at the beginning of the year.

  • Coats

               Go the OKCPS Dress Code

OKCPS Dress Code/Student Cress Code/Personal Appearance

Students may choose their own grooming and clothing styles, provided that: such apparel does not interfere with school work, create disorder in the learning environment, and the student attends a non-uniform dress school. Community standards of health, safety and morality must be maintained at all times. Inappropriate items may be taken and held for parent pick up. Footwear must be worn and the wearing of sunglasses insode school buildings and in class is not permitted. The wearing of the following apparel is prohibited:

A. Cutoffs or mini skirts

B. Clothing that reveals the chest, such as net shirts and undershirts, see-through blouses, halters, and tube tops.

C. Clothing that exposes a bare midriff, bodice, or abdoman.

D. Gang dress, such as bandannas and other gang associated symbols, as identified by law enforcement.

E. Haircuts which display gang and/or cult symbols.

F. Clothing bearing the names or emblems of ALL professional and collegiate athletic teams (with the exception of Oklahoma colleges and universities).

G. Satanic cult dress, witchcraft, and related symbols.

H. T-shirts, swetshirts, and other clothing with profanity, put downs, or suggestive slogans related to the purchase and use of tobacco, drugs, alcohol, sex, and violence.

I. Obscene or vulgar jewelry.

J. Jewelry worn to identify gang or drug culture and/or lifestyle, marijuana jewelry, or jewelry worn as a weapon.

K. Caps, hats, or jackets associated with gangs, cults, and secret societies.

L. Caps, hats, or head coverings of any kind worn inside the building.

M. Torn, cut-up, or slit clothing.

N. Pajama-type or bedtime wear, or house shoes.

O. Spandex, sportswear, or biker pants

P. Jeans, slacks, skirts, or pants worn below the waist line (sagging).

Q. Unstrapped overalls.

R. Untied tennis or athletic shoes worn in an unsafe or gang-affiliated manner.

S. Uncovered tatoos on the body which affilate a person with a gang or cult.

T. Clothing and accessories which displays gang/cult identifications.

U. Expensive or excessive gold, gold-plated, silver, silver-plated jewelry or precious metals (chains, rope, necklaces, multi-fingered rings).

V. Flip-Flops, beach, pool wear, or wheely shoes.

W. Large oversized clothing.

X. No military style belts or belt buckles.

Y. No colored shoe laces.

Z. No screen printed or embroidered shirts indicating gang affiliation.