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Sports Schedules

Sports Schedules

Jefferson Middle School

Cool2010/2011 Basketball ScheduleCool

11/16/09OK CentennialJeffersonOK Centennial5:00 pm
11/19/09NortheastJeffersonNortheast5:00 pm
11/23/09RogersJeffersonRogers5:00 pm
11/30/09JeffersonWebsterJefferson5:00 pm
12/03/09JeffersonMillwoodJefferson5:00 pm
12/07/09DouglassJeffersonDouglass5:00 pm
12/10/09JeffersonClassenJefferson5:00 pm
12/14/09John MarshallJeffersonJohn Marshall5:00 pm
12/17/09TaftJeffersonTaft5:00 pm
01/07/10JeffersonRooseveltJefferson5:00 pm
01/11/10JeffersonJacksonJefferson5:00 pm

These dates will not change! Mercy Rule: 25 point lead, running clock the rest of the game.

Game Times: Girls-5:00 pmĀ  and Boys-6:30 pm

ACAC Middle School Tournament January 15 - 16, 2010

Location: TBA

Wink2010/2011 Wrestling ScheduleWink

11/11/09DouglassJeffersonDouglass5:00 pm
11/18/09JeffersonTaftJefferson5:00 pm
12/09/09OK CentennialJeffersonOK Centennial5:00 pm
12/16/09JeffersonWebsterJefferson5:00 pm
01/06/10RogersJeffersonRogers5:00 pm
01/13/10JeffersonRooseveltJefferson5:00 pm
01/20/10John MarshallJeffersonJohn Marshall5:00 pm
01/27/10JeffersonJacksonJefferson5:00 pm

All City Tournament At Southeast High School - Time: TBA

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