Syllabus (All periods)


Title: Keyboarding (Computer / Document Formatting).

Grade: 9-12, Secondary- High School.

Phone #: 901.416.2440 X 83853

School Hours:  7:15 A.M. - 2:30 P.M. 

Prep Time: 12:39 P.M. – 1:25 P.M. (Subject to change!)

Teacher Email:

After School Time: (by appointment only): Tuesday/Thursday 2:20P.M. – 3:15P.M.



Standard: 1.0          The student will develop and demonstrate effective input technology skills (advanced keyboarding, scanning, speech recognition, handwriting recognition, and the use of a mouse).

Standard: 2.0             The student will create business documents, applying the appropriate formatting knowledge and skills.

Standard: 3.0          The student will apply skills in processing business documents using new styles in various formats and lengths.

Standard 4.0 The student will use input technology skills that adhere to ergonomic principles to develop acceptable speed and accuracy levels.

Standard 5.0 The student will research and apply typography, layout, design, and composition concepts and guidelines for document preparation.

Standard 6.0 The student will apply input and formatting skills in creating reports and tables in various formats and lengths.

Standard 7.0 The student will research and apply knowledge of ethical and legal issues within the industry

Standard 8.0 The student will apply concise styles, mailable standards and rules for grammar, spelling and punctuation creating business documents and reports that communicate the intended message.

Standard 9.0 The student will compose, input, and format career portfolio documents for job interview.

Standard 10.0          The student will perform their culmination project by completing a simulation that consists of business correspondence, reports, tables, etc., of varying degrees of difficulty.

Standard 11.0            The student will develop and demonstrate human relations, self-management, organizational and professional leadership skills.


Course Description/Objectives:     The student will apply basic skills in operating a computerized keyboard by using the touch system and other input technologies to produce mailable business and academic documents. Mailability standards relate to keying, formatting, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling, content, typography and layout and design. Using special features of the software, such as the table function, the student will be able to format academic and business reports. (This course requires a computerized workstation for each student with keyboarding/word processing and voice technology software.)  The student will also demonstrate communication and organizational skills through the use of email and the World Wide Web.


Classroom Expectations: I will strictly follow the rules and regulations set in the Wooddale High School Handbook. Please adhere to all rules set forth by the school. If a student is unable to follow the class policies, the following consequences will be used:

Warning and loss of daily points.

            Daily Points result in loss of privileges.

Conference with the student.

Phone call and/or conference with parent.

Disciplinary Referral.


Attendance Policy: Attendance is crucial to success in this class and every other class students take.  There is simply no substitute for being in class and receiving instruction and materials first-hand.  Tardiness and early dismissal count against perfect attendance. Students who are absent from class have one week to complete and return missed assignments. Failure to complete assignments and/or make up test and projects will result in an unsatisfactory score, which will be averaged in the current six weeks grades. I will work very hard to ensure each and every student's success; however, it is the student’s responsibility to inquire about make-up work.    


- Make-up work is your responsibility. You must make arrangements with me to complete make-up work. When receiving make-up work, be sure to sign for your material when receiving it and when you return it.

Please note the following.

• All work must be made up within one week of your excused absence.

• Work will be taken up on the date announced. It is due in class and will not be taken up after the teacher has collected papers. It cannot be turned in after school or during another class period.

If it is left in another folder, book, classroom, or locker, it still will not be taken once the teacher has called for papers.

• Make-up quizzes and tests must be done after school on Tuesday, and Thursday ONLY. I will NOT make any exceptions; therefore, if you have to work or participate in a school activity on these days, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for schedule and travel accommodations. Advance scheduling of tutoring/make up work is required. Let me stress that you will not be allowed to make up work during any lunch period. If you have a large number of absences, then you must use Tuesday or Thursday to make up your work. Also, if you have not arrived by 2:30 to make up any work, I will assume that you are not coming. Therefore, if I have left campus when you arrive (after 2:30), the day will count against you.

• I realize that you may have extended absences or special situations, and I will gladly work with you if they occur.


*After school tutoring will be available for students on Tuesday or Thursday from 2:20P.M. - 3:15P.M. by appointment/scheduling only. Scheduled tutoring time must be made at least one week in advance. Tutoring will be in the Keyboarding Course Classroom #220 at Wooddale High School.


Academic Honesty Statement: The act of plagiarism is a violation of the classroom and school policies and procedures, as well as federal and international laws. Plagiarism, which includes borrowing/copying the work of another student and/or using sources from written work/publications or the internet without citations, will not be tolerated. If students are caught sharing work, the students will share a grade of 100% (divided between the participating students) for the assignment. If one student copies from another, a grade of 0% will be given to the student who did not do the assignment. Plagiarism also includes copyright laws, and abuse of such materials is considered a felony.  Since this classroom will be using outside resources, copyright laws are of the upmost concern. Any student caught plagiarizing in any form, will be given a grade of 0% for the assignment. 

- Cheating in any form is unacceptable. Cheating includes, but is not limited to, using notes or “cheat sheets” on quizzes or tests, looking on another student’s paper, giving answers to another student, copying another student’s work, and plagiarism. Any form of cheating will result in a 0% on that quiz or test.


First Offense: Conference with the student(s).

Second Offense: Parental Contact.

Third Offense: Disciplinary Referral.




Grading Policy:

30%- Class-work/ Participation

20%- Class Assessments (not including mid-term and final tests)

15%- Mid-term/ Final

10%- Performance Grades/ Projects

10%- Quizzes

10%- Bell Work/ Warm Up

5%- Notebook/E-mail Checks


Late work will only be accepted for two days with a loss of points. Turn work in on time!!! I will grade strictly, however, there are several opportunities to receive extra credit.  All extra credit will be received in the form of achievement tickets. The achievement tickets are discussed in this syllabus.


Student Materials Requested:  Student binders will not leave classroom until the end of the semester!  

            - 1” Binder.

            - 1 set of 5 or 8 dividers.

Classroom Requests: Printer Paper!


Class Policies:

- Be respectful to all teachers, fellow students, and to one’s own self!

- Follow all school rules, including dress code! - You should be dressed in appropriate school uniform at all times, including off campus field trips and other events.

- Do not use classroom email address for any personal use.

- Come to class prepared every single day. Before the bell, you should have picked up your folder, sat down at your assigned seat, and be completing the bell work assignment. 

- If you have homework to turn in, it must be turned in before the end of class time. Late assignments will not be accepted. No, not even a few minutes late.

- You should not be late to class; however, if you are… a note is required. The note must be from an administrator or teacher. There is no reason for tardiness to class. Please remember that excessive tardiness will result in a referral to the office, which may result in a school suspension. I will not make the exception because you are in the Optional Program, Honor Society, athletics, or any other school activity.


- Participate and pay attention in class. I absolutely do not allow sleeping or the completion of other class’s assignments in my classroom (even during “down time”; you will have plenty of reading to complete). I will confiscate any work that is not Keyboarding work. Any work that is not Keyboarding will be destroyed.

- No food or drink is allowed in the classroom. No gum chewing is allowed in class.


Textbook for classroom: Thompson/Southwestern 8th Edition Century 21: Computer Applications and Keyboarding. There are several classroom resources used for further instruction as well, including an in class library full of career discovery books and novels.


Instructional Strategies:

All students will engage actively in typing practices/drills. The student will also work on single projects and group projects in communications, agenda planning, business document creations, and career interest. This will prepare the student for leadership roles in a business setting. Each student learns differently, there may be times when one group of students are working on projects, and another group of students are studying independently.



Parents: If you would please, fill this out by either printing it... OR simply writing the information on a sheet of paper to send by your student. 


Student NAME: ______________________________________________ Period: _______________________

Parental/ Guardian Information:

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _________________ Zip: ______________________

Daytime Phone #: (______)-______-________.  Evening Phone #:  (______)-______-________. 

Cell Phone #:        (______)-______-________. 

*Please check one if you would like to be added to the regular mailing list for students.

Email Address #1: ______________________________________________________________________     ?

Email Address #2:______________________________________________________________________??

Secondary Guardian Information:

Name: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________________________ State: _________________ Zip: ______________________

Phone #: (______)-______-________.  Cell Phone #:        (______)-______-________. 

*Please check if you would like to be added to the regular mailing list for students.

Email Address #1: ______________________________________________________________________     ?

***Emergency Contact: ______________________________________________________________________

Relationship to student: _________________________________ Phone: (______) - ______ - ________


Student Allergies: ___________________________________________________________________________

Preferred method of contact?  ? Email   ?USPS  ?Phone


*After school tutoring will be available for students on Tuesday or Thursday from 2:20P.M. - 3:00P.M. by appointment/scheduling only- must be made at least one week in advance.

Do you allow the student to stay after school this semester (ending December 2010) for extra keyboarding time/tutoring?   ? yes                    ?no  --- If the student stays after school, what will be his/her mode of transportation at the end of tutoring time? ________________________________________________________


Parental Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________________


Student Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________________