Orpheum Thank You Letter Project

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The Orpheum of Memphis

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Memphis, TN 38173


To whom it may concern:


Thank you so very much for the opportunity my students received to visit the Orpheum this past November. Many of the students were amazed by the scale and grandeur of the Orpheum’s stage and decorations. Several even commented on how they never knew something so spectacular was right here, in their very own home-town of Memphis.


In deciding on their project for being invited, I wanted the assignment to be gratifying, as well as humbling. In the keyboarding standards, they are to key personal-business letters. I thought a simple “Thank You” letter would be an encouraging project for my students, even the ones who were unable to attend for unknown circumstances.


I’ve realized since living here, teaching here, that many young, high-school aged minds, like those in my classroom, who have grown up here have never experienced Memphis. They do not see the City of Memphis as a magnificent place, even though there are so many songs dedicated to the heart of this beautiful city. I truly believe this particular field trip will be one they remember. It showed them a side of Memphis many had never known to exist, with all the culture and character it embraces.


To inspire a growing mind in a classroom, teachers must give students a reason to want to learn. This experience gave my students a desire to learn the personal-business letter format, instead of merely saying write a thank you letter with the example given in the book. So, from me to you, thank you. Thank you for giving my students a real experience to thank someone for.


Respectfully yours,




Ms. Kelly Gilliam