Contributing to the Profession

Resources I Love:

Over the last two years, I have found a few resources that I feel benefited my students and enriched my program beyond the curriculum that was available to me. 

  • The Moffatt Girls resources found on Teachers Pay Teachers
    • I utilize their monthly packets for the Pre-K and Kindergarten level. The worksheets are a wonderful complement to support the curriculum in class when my students need additional practice with a certain concept. I have also used the worksheets as daily homework for skills review with parents.
  • The Target dollar section. 
    • Though some items cost a little more than a dollar, this is one of my main stops at the beginning of a school year. They often have work books or flash cards that are perfect for the grade that I teach. I have found activities to review letters, sounds, rhyming, counting, and number identification. 
    • I also find most of my trinkets (erasers, pencils, small toys, etc.) that go in the prize box for our weekly behavior reward in this section. 
  • The Flipgrid app. 
    • This is an app that my administrator introduced to the teachers at my site. It can be used to further discussions in class and allows students to use technology, show off their creativity, and develop communication skills. For younger students, the app can be used with adult support. 
  • Videos from Have Fun Teaching.
    • I use these to teach sight words, letters, sounds, and science concepts.